Conceptual Photography in Alderley Edge

My friend Rebecca Palmer is an exceptional photographer who specialises in conceptual ideas and techniques. We had been trying to arrange this shoot in Alderley Edge for over a year. Rebecca had never been to Alderley, I always knew the area was suited to her style. I had told her about some of the history and legends associated with the area and so we had a few ideas for the day. We planned to meet Vicki in Alderley village and walk up to the edge to Stormy Point, then through the woods to see the sandstone undercut and the Wizards Well on the way to Church Quarry behind The Wizard pub. Unfortunately Vicki's train from Northwich was late and so Rebecca and I headed up to the edge leaving her to catch up with us. The rain seemed to be getting heavier so walked briskly up the big hill and straight onto Stormy Point for a few shots of the sadly cloudy view. Then we headed under the sandstone escarpment for abit of shelter from the rain and for me to get changed for a photograph.

I needed a lot of direction and help from Rebecca- this kind of thing did not come naturally to me at all! Quick change back into sensible clothes and we went on through the woods to have a look at some of the other interesting features around the edge. The rain continued and so we thought the best course of action would be to head to the Surgery hut and wait for Vicki in there. Not long afterwards I peeked out of the hut to see a sodden, forlorn figure in a brightly coloured poncho heading towards us. Once we had dried off a little we went over to Church Quarry behind The Wizard pub for a few more photographs. Another change of clothing, this time into a vintage wedding dress that Rebecca brought along.

We decided that was enough for today and a return trip would be planned for Springor Summertime in 2013.

Rebecca Palmer Photography

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