DCC Annual Dinner Dance

The Derbyshire Caving Club had its annual (Christmas?) dinner dance rather later than usual in June this year. We went back to the same venue as the 2011 dinner, the highly recommended Stockport Masonic Guildhall. This years dinner had a fewer members than usual attending due to the date, but we still had a good turn out. The meal was excellent again, and plenty of wine was readily supplied. Nigel's presentation summed up the club's activities through 2012 very well, with funny pictures of us on trips and drunken shenanigans. Then onto the awards...

I think James won apprentice of the year, I think Mervyn won novice miner of the year, Olly definitely won the mighty miner award, I think Pete Whetham won digger of the year, our Chairman Tom won stunt of the year for getting stuck funnily enough in a chair that had to be jacked apart to extract him, and to my extreme surprise I won caver of the year! I am on the club committee so I had put names forward for the members I thought deserved the awards, and I really did not expect to win anything.

The trophy is a big chunk of calcite on a marble mount, with a little old carbide lamp on top. It weighs a ton and I nearly dropped it on my way back to the table! I also won £100 for caving equipment, which very difficult to decide what to spend on. Some ideas though... I could do with a new chest harness, and would like a pantin foot ascender but I have never used one before, there are also a few books I have my eye on :) Nigel won the photography award for being the only member who brought along pictures of actual caves, all the others, including my own entries, were photos of mines and tunnels :p

The rest of the evening passed with much merriment and dancing to top quality band The Cans, with abit of urbex activity thrown in for good measure. Myself and Tom then proceeded to stay up until a shocking hour talking and drinking fine Welsh cider, or should I say me talking at him from what I can remember! A fantastic night was had thanks to everyone.