Middleton Stone Mine

Lunch in the sunshine

This was originally supposed to be a DCC walking/caving weekend in Peak, but due to an administrative error, we all ended up doing something different. Me, Ed, Olly, Joel, Rebekah, Daggers and Colin met in deepest Derbyshire for a trip to Middleton that I have been looking forward to for ages. Although I must admit the heatwave has put me off going underground the last couple of weekends. I was suitably impressed with the truck sized passages, yet we only saw a fraction of the mine today. Sure enough after just a few hours underground, and covered in lime dust, the pub was definitely calling us back to the warmth, we called it a day before going too far, the mine is huge and goes on for miles. We all agreed a return trip with a bicycle each was needed.

 Once out, we sat in the sunshine and eat our lunch with the grasshoppers. When we got back to the cars and got changed, I thought a spray of deodorant was a good idea... turned out to be a very bad idea! I was soon surrounded by a cloud of flies after my blood, running up and down the road waving my arms around like a maniac until Olly rescued me in the car ahaha :D The beer and garden at The Rising Sun was its usual best in the blazing heat. Ed, Joel and Daggers got some fantastic photographs today.
Ed's Pics