SR high T: DCC Stunt of the Year 2015

In September this year some DCC members went to Hidden Earth, as they often do. Much shit red wine was drunk, many bruises were gained, and all of the swimming pool alarms were set off. Amongst the madness, I managed to cobble together some photographs to enter into the competition, and even found a comedy shot of Tom from 2 years ago drinking a cup of tea whilst doing some SRT practice in Bear Pit at Alderley Edge. SRTea Break didn’t win the comedy fun shot category, but it did rekindle an idea in Kieran and Charlotte that had to be done. They were having a full SRTea Party.

October 2013
October 2013
We knew that it had to be done before the DCC's annual dinner at the end of November, in time to be considered for the club’s Stunt of the Year award. Planning started in earnest on Saturday 10th October at an SRT practice day in Alderley Edge. Kieran, Charlotte, Pete and James went to scout out potential underground locations in the copper mines that we look after, and settled on West Mine. Only problem was the entrance- it’s a small lid with a short ladder and there was no chance of getting a decent sized table down there. We set a date so Kieran set about cannibalising and rigging an old pine table and chairs, and ended up sawing the table in half to be reassembled underground later. Meanwhile Charlotte, Pete and James were busy sourcing various items of fine china, candelabra, cake stand, table cloth, napkins and of course, appropriate clothing. It was decided that a personalised DCC teapot was just the thing that was needed, and I must admit this was my only job apart from photographing the whole thing!


At this point I would love to tell everyone exactly how this was rigged, and how much work I put into it. But instead I turned up fashionably (ahem) late after a party the night before, but in perfect time to take photos of the whole bonkers affair with some flash props and help from Joel and Adam. Fortunately the table was suspended in a spot high up the main chamber, which already had some bolts in place. I cannot describe the utter hilarity of watching Charlotte and James descend the pitch whilst sat down and strapped to chairs in their harnesses, which were hidden underneath their clothes. Before they could get down, the table had to be cleared by means of winching a big bag up and down the pitch. I don’t think a single thing got dropped or broken, surely a feat in itself! Then it was Kieran and Pete’s turn at the table. I think I speak for everyone present when I say how happy I was that Kieran wore shorts underneath his tea dress. He seemed rather comfortable in the heels though. Enjoy...!

Thank you to all involved for another crazy DCC stunt!