James' 21st Wood Mine Challenge / Celebration

James Johnson
It's hard to believe James is 21, he has always seemed older than his years, that was until alcohol became involved a couple of years ago! James has been a regular at Alderley Edge since he was kneehigh to a grasshopper.
After his 18th birthday party and assault course in West Mine, it was fitting that something of a similar scale should be done for his 21st. There was a race called the Animal hunt which involved teams dashing around the mine to collect animals from set locations, as fast as possible. First we had to collect a rabbit from Rabbit Caverns, then a duck from the Blue Lake, followed by a mouse from the Mouse Hole, a crocodile from the Crocodile Crawl, and a bat from Birthday Chamber, plus retrieve a beer hidden in one of the various crawls along the route. The other challenge course was an SRT route but sadly we never completed this due to confusion and getting stuck behind other people. There was also a coconut shy, steampunk style lightbulbs, hippies, fairy lights, beer and brews. 

Sand Cavern, Wood Mine by Max Holman
Many thanks to Pete, James and Heather for a brilliantly fun day, and for all the food and drink, also to the Tearooms for another great party.