DCC Four Weddings and a Funeral Stomp

This had been planned for what seemed like all year... A party in West Mine to celebrate the Derbyshire Caving Club having 7 members get hitched this year- Sue and Tony, Heather and John, Bev and Ed, and Gareth and Katie. And sadly, one of the Clubs long standing members passed away in July. Lenny Gee, whom I was only fortunate enough to meet a handful of times. On the day of his funeral a new cave discovery was made in Matienzo, Spain; and named Lenny's Cave in his honour. 
Photograph of Lenny and Bill from Colin Davidson?
I could not be around to help with much of the planning as I would have liked, I am told it took 3 trips and lots of people helping to get all the party stuff/lighting etc down to Sphynx Chamber in West Mine where the party was held. Not to mention getting the barrels of beer down there for the makeshift bar- big thank yous to The Cheshire Brewhouse and everyone who helped organise the big do!

On the day of the party my morning was spent icing cakes and generally taking too long to get my camping gear together... Upon arriving in Alderley in the mid afternoon, I went to meet some others who were already in West Mine (for reasons outside of their control!) so decided that would be a good time to take my chair down to Sphynx Chamber. I can't recall sitting on that chair once for the rest of the night :) Then back to the surgery where people in evening wear and helmets were soon gathering ready to party, including Paul Stubbs in a rather fetching black dress and Donna Stubbs in a suave suit.

Heading down to Sphynx Chamber, descending the ladders, with a safety net put in place, I could not help thinking to myself: do not get drunk... remember you have to get out of here again! Seeing the Main chamber in West Mine lit up for the first time was breathtaking and beautiful.  I took the decision to get changed into my evening wear underground, this meant I needed some help to get dressed! Sphynx Chamber was not lit up like the main chamber, except for candles, disco lights and glitter ball, so was a bit disorientating at first as I am so used to having a cap lamp. The ladies tent toilets were a nice surprise- I was expecting buckets haha!

Has to be said that Heather was the absolute legend of the night coming down in her beautiful white and blue wedding dress :) The rest of the evening passed in a wonderful blur of beer, cider, food, beach tennis, smoke, dancing and excellent underground fun. I think the highlight of my evening was actually managing to climb a ladder in my floor length skirt with beer in hand! I made it out around 2am without much trouble, giggling behind Heather ascending the never ending ladders in her now filthy wedding dress. The walk back to the surgery felt like a 5 mile hike. Apologies to Colin Davidson who was rudely awoken in the surgery. Big ups to myself, Pete Whetham and Damian for being the last ones up drinking until 4am in the field!
....I woke up about 10.30am which was far too early but I got up and went to find people and coffee. I found them all in the tearoom. At midday me, Olly, young Paul and Damian decided to go and help with the clearing up operation at west mine, and took out SRT gear with us thinking we could have a play on the ropes afterwards. 10 minutes after going into West Mine it became clear we would not be doing any SRT today. I helped as much as I could before it felt like I would pass out!

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