P8 Jackpot

I woke up an an hour late to Olly knocking on my door- not the best start to the day! I packed everything as quick as I could and we went to pick up Pete Whetham I think half an hour later than expected- sorry Pete :( The plan was to get a bacon butty in Castleton, but after speaking to Tom who had also woken up extremely late, we went to meet him at Hitch and Hike for brekky. Unfortunately nobody told Kieran, who had been waiting at the carpark near P8 for 40mins already. Oops again...

Pre-trip photograph courtesy of Kieran Rooney
The entrance to P8 involves a fair bit of water through to Cascades Chamber, and avoiding a soaking is not an option. I half slid half fell down Idiots Leap in the waterfall! Watching Kieran rig and descend the First Pitch filled me with hope as to how I was going to manage it having only done a couple of rebelays before this trip. It was not too bad apart from initially trying to thread my stop upside down on the second bit :o  We then moved up to the high level passage and over the Bold Step which seemed a much bolder step to me on the way back.

Kieran's Trip Report