A Mine in Bonsall

Richard in a large chamber (by Derbyshire standards)
Today started with no real plan with the exception of being told to "be ready for 9.00am."
After a little discussion beforehand, and some indecision we headed in the direction of Matlock, with half an idea to do Jugholes. However on the way there we formed a better plan.

I had recently been reminded of a mine I have read about before, at Bonsall near Matlock Bath. Access to Ball Eye mine was uncertain from looking online, but I had it on good authority from a fellow mine explorer that the mine was open and worth exploring. We found a suitable parking spot and kitted up warily, we didn't want to come across any angry local. Much to our surprise a much happier chap who lives in the little cottage on the via gellia below the mine approached us and we had a quick chat about the quarrying. No problems there then!

Max admiring the MINERALS!!
It was a gorgeous day, far too nice to be going underground for nearly 6 hours, but then I always say this, and have no regrets! It would have been nice to take a look at the quarry too but there was a lot of barbed wire to negotiate and the Rising Sun in Middleton was calling.
Max exiting a crawl
Great mine, top day, many laughs, thanks again lads!