Tiviot Dale Railway Tunnel

Tiviot Dale station and tunnel began operation in 1865 with the opening of the Stockport, Timperley & Altrincham Junction Railway. The tunnel was 225 yards, or about 206 metres long. It is now filled in almost to the roof at both ends, and open to full height in a 75 yard long middle section, where a series of supporting girders has been fitted. There are also several alcoves along the tunnel, carved into the sandstone.

1961, Tunnel just visible far left.
Stockport Image Archive
Tiviot Dale station was situated immediately to the East of the tunnel. The station closed in 1967, and was demolished in 1968; leaving just 2 of the 4 through lines running for the high numbers of freight trains using the route. Most of the passenger services on the line were cut by the Beeching Axe of the previous three years. This left only one main railway station to serve Stockport town centre - Edgeley station, which is now known as Stockport. Tiviot Dale Station was built on the site of an old calico printing works. It was originally called Teviot Dale, named after a place in Scotland, but apparently everyone referred to it as Tiviot Dale, so in 1874 the Cheshire Lines Committee changed the station's name. Sections of the old Westbound platform bay can be found in the overgrowth next to Lancashire Hill road bridge over the M60.

40129 coming out of Tiviot Dale Tunnel, 12th March 1978

1984, single line still in place
Tiviot Dale Tunnel was first closed first temporarily in 1980 due to the cutting of the M63 motorway (now the M60) exposing the line; despite record of the contractor taking every care to protect the tunnel. The closure, along with nearby Wellington Tunnel, was made permanent in 1982. Having done without the line for two years, and with the ongoing demise of the Woodhead line, British Rail decided not to reopen it. One line of rails was lifted in 1983, followed by the other in 1986, with the tunnel eventually being partially filled in at either end.


This was my third visit to the tunnel, with Moose this time, I thought it deserved a proper write up, and certainly some fact checking. There are loads of reports on this place, most of them are missing bits of information or have inconsistencies. My last time here was three years ago, access has changed a bit since then. Glad there were no needles there this time. It was nice to finally spend time getting some half decent pics of the place. Decent chill spot for a Friday night.